Inside Bluum Box


I am super excited to have partnered up with the super fab company Bluum. I'm so honored to be a Bluum momma and so excited each month when our box lands on our doorstep! If you aren't familiar, Bluum is an amazing company focused on sharing various mom and baby brand name products. Each month mom's receive a 'Bluum Box' filled with large product samples so mom and baby can test drive them before buying.

To further your interest and showcase just how great these monthly deliveries are....Ryan and I are sharing with you our monthly boxes. Each box is themed, and filled to the brim with great product samples you A. Wouldn't have bought yourself with out trying it first or B. Items you haven't even heard of, yet now can't live without! I swear you won't be disappointed.

This month the theme was "Spring". So far this is my favorite since it came with great items I can pamper myself with! Inside the Bluum Box came a full size organic baby snack, chocolate candy samples, delish tea and lavender pillow spray. I fell in LOVE with the lavender pillow spray by Skin Free, talk about amazing! I love the smell of lavender and the soft scent on your pillow is truly relaxing. Plus, it is made out of organic essential oils to help you drift off to sleep.

Take a look at us enjoying this months Bluum box!