Celebrating You - My Birthday Journal

It is finally time to share with you all my third and final memory journal! This memory journal is dedicated to capturing your child's birthday each year and the traditions + events centered around that special time. 'Celebrating You - A Birthday Journal' is evergreen, meaning parents can pick it up at any age their child may be and use it every year or even skip a few to only capture the major birthday milestones. This memory journal is full of pages where parents can write down special things about their child as they turn a year older, pages for photos, your child's famous quotes and party/event specifics. My personal favorite pages are the interview style questions various family members are to ask your child and fill in the blanks. I though that was such a special idea. I can't wait for my grandpa (Mila's great-grandpa) to "interview" her and write down her answers in his own handwriting. I think that will be such a treasure. 

Birthdays in our family are celebrated quite loudly. The sounds of our celebrations stifle the bittersweet sadness I tend to feel as I watch my children grow older right before my eyes. It is a tender time as our children learn and morph into these incredible human beings. As a mother, I try hard to hold on to these fleeting moments; writing down moments, savoring photos,and memorable quotes to satisfy my need to keep my babies, babies. My hope is that this journal can act as a tool to help parents interview their children, record celebrations, capture their ever-changing handprints and have family members write doting letters to be read in the future. This journal is a beautiful time capsule for parents to help capture all those special moments. 

In our family, we're privy to costume parties and Disneyland trips. We eat cake topped with ice crem and follow the lead of our children. Every year we have a special breakfast full of our child's favorite this to eat. Once year all we ate were vanilla frosted scones because out son Ryan insisted. Our daughter, Mila, only wants Mickey waffles with nothing but powdered sugar. We've dressed as pirates, circus performers and Trolls. I look forward to sharing all this with my children when they are older (and I'll secretly be looking through it whenever I feel a hankering for those moments when "my children were little," as mothers sometimes crave). 

My hope is that parents everywhere use my memory journal to capture their child year to year and they celebrate their life. You can learn more about my newest memory journal HERE or the shop link down below. 

Motherhood is a journey worth capturing in every way. 

Photos by Lily Ro Photography