Baby Boy Baby Food

I have to admit I was one of those mommas who started giving tastes of solid food to my baby at what is considered early...4 months. It was just organic brown rice cereal at first to see if he liked it. He didn't really understand what was going on, but little by little he started to enjoy it. I knew from the get go I wanted to make Ryan's baby food from scratch and I was excited to start cooking up yummy things for him to nosh on. Now at 7 months Ryan has eaten everything from mangos to beets. He loves everything except two things so far, papaya and apples! Ryan eats 3 solid food meals a day and it is always so much fun to feed him and watch him learn how to taste, chew and swallow. He loves it! I have now given him a little time with his food so he can try and eat it himself. He grabs the food and squeezes it through his fingers and as he tries to get it in his mouth he gets it everywhere else as well.

Our kitchen has become a platform of learning and entertaining for us. Ryan loves his high chair and will sit in it and play, eat and watch me cook and bake. We often listen to music, sing songs and talk to each other while we are in the kitchen. There certainly is a lot of love in our kitchen which shows through our food we make and our desserts we bake!


I make Ryan's food with my steamer and then puree it with my blender (seriously mommas don't spend money on a baby food maker! use those pots and pans you have!:). I make it every monday and freeze the food in ice trays for the week. I also have freezer friendly containers that I store food in to grab quick when we are on the go! The containers are made from recycled materials and the bib pictured is made from organic cotton by Mimi the Sardine.

Here is my son Ryan...enjoying his food!