Honest Baby


skull print diapers c/o The Honest Company

I'm spreading the positive word of The Honest Company! I hope all you mommas check it out and jump on board! The Honest Company was started by the lovely {and lets face it...uber-gorgeous} Jessica Alba and Chistopher Gavigan, who both shared a passion for healthy, non-toxic and environmental friendly baby products! When I stumbled upon this I had to try their products out for myself...and I've fallen in love.

Here is why;

`The Honest Company develops and delivers baby products that are truly non-toxic, eco-friendly and 100% effective. Honest! Their products pack a punch worthy of your most prized possession...your child.

`They deliver. How many of you have struggled with late night/random trips to the store for more diapers? I've had my fare share of diaper drama. Whatever you need, The Honest Company delivers your monthly supply of diapers, wipes and toiletries right.to.your.doorstep! The best part?! The super cute diaper prints you can't get anywhere else!!