9 Months Already? - Mila's Baby Journal Update

Oh how I love you sweet girl. Time is a jerk in that it moves quickly. Though time is my lifesaver as it gives me space to heal. These past nice months have been like no other. Currently, Mila is happy 99% of the time. She is quick to smile and really only cries when her bottle doesn't get to her fast enough or when she is over tired. Which, I guess all of us do on some level. So, my baby is pretty freaking good! I am blessed and lucky and all that good stuff. Most of the time I just stare at her in total shock that she is mine. I cover her in kisses every chance I get. My cameras are full of Mila photos ... I'm obsessed with her now, back when she was a newborn, forever I'll be obsessed.

Nine months is a fun age. Right now Mila isn't actually crawling on her hands and knees. She has figured out how to do the army crawl and she is really fast. Our apartment is tiny, but I'm always amazed at how quick she can go. At the end of each day her elbows and knees are red with rug burn, though Mila could care less. I love when I walk into the kitchen or bedroom and say "Come on! Come with Mama!" she grunts and giggles with excitement and quickly follows me. I LOVE it! Except when I have to use the bathroom. She scream cries if I close the door, so unfortunately I take her to the bathroom with me sometimes. (Number 1 only) I'm one of those moms I guess. Enter eye roll here ;)

I took a few photos of my favorite pages from Mila's baby journal right now. I love filling this little journal out with our daily happenings. I just starting writing in the 'Sweet Dreams' section. I remember wanting to put open pages for sleep/bedtime snippets. I remember bedtime being such an exciting time when Ryan was little; with bath time and dinner time and story time. Now that Mila is 9 months and understands a bit, Dan and I are trying to make her bedtime routine a blast. Though she now fights her sleep ... maybe we need to cool it with the bath time music session because it gets her all riled up! hahaha!

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A few quick notes to myself that I want to remember;

When Mila is really happy she does this leg kick thing that is really funny.

Mila is just starting to "dance" when she hears music. She scoots her butt and I never want to forget that tiny move she does.

Right now Mila is fighting her sleep every night. She thinks she might miss something. She wiggles and cries until sleep finally wins. Its pretty funny at first...then both Dan and I give up until she passes out in our laps.

Mila adores her Daddy more and more each day. Play time is the best time with Daddy.

When Mila is playing on the floor she will sometimes roll to one side and prop her leg up, almost as if she is posing on the beach. It is the funniest thing ever and my mom just about dies every time she does this.

Mila is one hell of a traveler at this point in her life. She has been on 6 different plane rides and has truly mastered the art of travel. We just got back from a long trip to Hawaii and Mila did the best out of all of us haha! I am

Mila and I still do everything together and she is starting to understand that. She loves being out and about. She has learning how to wave hello and does it to strangers now which is pretty awesome. Though, when the strangers wave back she turns her head and acts shy.

Mila still is eating like a champ and now eats pretty much anything I offer. Hopefully that sticks!

Mila's hair is starting to curl when it's wet or sweaty. I wonder if it will continue to get curly.


These two recipes are Mila's favorite. I wrote these when I made them for Ryan. When I created this baby journal I knew I had to put these recipes in because my son loved them. Now his little sister loves them.


Love this sweet dreams page from Mila's baby journal. I just started writing in this section because before now Mila would fall asleep so well. Now she fights sleep like a ninja.