A Few Of Our Favorite Things To Do In San Francisco

You all know we spend quite a bit of time in the city by the bay! My family has been vacationing in San Francisco every Summer ever since I was a little girl. We’d always drive and stay with a long time family friend who we called Uncle Fernando. His apartment was nestled near Clement St. and naturally over the years we’d come to know the little neighborhood that is Clement St. and 3rd St. Otherwise known as the Inner Richmond District. There are tons of tiny shops, coffee shops, restaurants, a unique market that spills out onto the sidewalk, and a funky bookstore our family has claimed to be the number one spot to purchase a book.

As life went on, that sacred place has remained the same and we still visit every Summer. Sadly, Uncle Fernando has passed away, but we still visit every year and remember him each time. We actually visit more often than that because my mom moved to the East Bay back in 2007! So we head to Northern California any chance we get to soak in San Francisco and romp around our favorite city.

Below are a few of our favorite things to do and see on Clement St. If ever in the area, I beg you to check them out with your family!

Start by having lunch or an early dinner at the best pizza place we’ve ever known, Giorgio’s Pizzeria on the corner of Clement St. and 3rd St. You can’t miss their bright green awning outside. Make your own pizza or order one of their specials. You can also try their homemade pasta dishes (my grandpa’s favorite is the lasagna). They give pizza dough to the kids to play with while they prepare the food. The atmosphere itself hasn’t changed since I was little. It is cozy and humble inside with food that is to die for! Order it all and take home the extras!


Once you are full off pizza/pasta, walk it off as you head down Clement St. towards 6th St. You’ll soon find the coolest bookstore called Green Apple Books. They have book bins that spill out onto the sidewalk and a few of them are Free Book Bins! We’ve found a few gems in those Free Book Bins. Head inside and the place is covered wall to wall in every and any genre of books you can imagine! If you walk up the stairs to the second floor you’ll find an immersive children’s book section that your little ones can explore. I promise you, we don’t leave the place with out buying at least two new books. They have such a great and unique selection. Green Apple Books is such a great place to wander and look around.

After combing through book titles, walk back up Clement St. and in between 5th and 4th St. you’ll find a loud orange awning that says GENKI. It is a convenience store that also sells the tastiest crepes! You can select a sweet or savory crepe off their large menu and they make them fresh right in front of you. I'm pretty boring and just order the #20 which is just a warm crepe wrapped with Nutella. Though their menu has 40+ combinations that include fresh fruit, ice cream, and more! This little hole in the wall has become our favorite dessert spot on Clement St! Heads up they take card if your oder is large enough, but bring cash if you only plan on buying one crepe.


If you keep walking up Clement St. you’ll find the cutest toy store called Tantrum and my sister’s favorite coffee spot Blue Danube. I’m telling you, you’ll probably find a gem there all on your own!

Either before or after spending time on Clement St. we always come say Hi to the Golden Gate Bridge! Mila is now obsessed with this landmark and we try to drive over it just for her. I can’t wait till she is a bit older so we can take her to bike across it.

Here is my mom and Mila!

Here is my mom and Mila!

Please excuse our iPhone pictures here. They definitely don’t do this city any justice. However, I wanted to share a special place with you all in hopes of you all visiting it too someday!