A Refreshing Margarita Mocktail + A Pregnancy Update


Before I get started here I’d just like to let you all know that I am already wearing my giant nursing bra. And it is so hot here that when at home I’ve given up on wearing anything else but comfy soft bras and loose fitting pants. For some reason I feel itchy and hot when I cover this belly and my thighs are also growing at rapid speed, so I can’t wear anything but loose sweat pants. Also, my boobs are so much bigger this time around! Unless I have forgotten how large they got the last two times I was pregnant. Honestly, they feel ten times bigger this go around and I’m finding it harder and harder to comfortable contain them. But truthfully, I’ve never felt so happy and content. I’m growing this baby while taking care of my family and working hard on all things Baby Boy Bakery. Since our miscarriage last December and feeling so damn low ever since, this time right now, smack dab in the middle of my second trimester, I feel good. I’m taking that good feeling and running with it!

When we found out I was pregnant again in early March. Dan and I were elated! Though after it started to sink in that I was in fact pregnant again, fear started to creep in and diminish my excitement. I was afraid of losing another pregnancy and that miscarriage was so brutal. Going through that again seemed impossible. That fear coupled with feeling so sick through out my entire first trimester made trying to tackle things hard. Most days I’d rely on Dan to do pretty much everything and I think Mila ate a hot dog for dinner three nights in a row. I laid in bed or in the bathroom and just prayed that being this sick meant the baby was healthy and my body was just doing its thing. While I still feel nauseous here and there, I otherwise feel great. Albeit a bit large and trying to find a comfy sleeping position has turned into a sport each night. I’m focusing on the positive now and throwing it all up into God’s hands. I can feel the baby kick all day and that gives me comfort. We’ve started taking out Mila and Ryan’s old baby clothes to wash. As well as setting up the nursery. Things are getting real and I just can’t wait!

You know when I’m not pregnant I love indulging in a good cocktail. Especially when there is reason to celebrate! I feel like now is just a good enough time to celebrate and mama wanted a cocktail ;) Since I can’t have a real one, I came up with a fun mocktail that I’ve been making in the evenings. It is just a little something that makes a regular drink seem special and I promise it is so refreshing! My husband says its just a sparkling lemonade, but to each there own!

If you want a sweet and tangy play off a margarita that has no alcohol in it, then this is it! Also, I’ve come to find out that this baby craves sour and salt. So salting the rim of my glass is necessary! Find the how to below. And please, share any pregnancy stories you may have. I’d love to hear that I’m not the only one romping around in my bra and oversized sweats at just five and half months pregnant. haha!


Margarita Mocktail

What You Need

Your favorite lemonade

Your favorite sparkling water (Or try it with ginger beer too, it tastes even better!)

Sweet & Sour mix


Margarita Salt

What You Do

Start by wetting the rim of your glass and dunking the wet rim into some margarita salt! If you don’t like salt you can omit this part, but doing this gives your mocktail a true cocktail feel.


Then fill your glass with ice.


Pour your lemonade and fill your glass about half way.


Pour your sparkling water and fill your glass almost to the top, leaving about a 1/2 inch of room at the top. Now, since making this I have started to swap the sparkling water for ginger beer and I love the taste even more! It adds a spicy ginger kick to the tangy sweet lemonade. If you like ginger, then definitely try it! My favorite ginger beer is by Fever Tree! (PS- Ginger Beer is non-alcoholic)


Now, top your drink with a hearty splash of sweet and sour mix! This is the game changer here! It really gives your drink a fun kick of flavor.


Stir and enjoy!


Photos by Lily Ro Photography

Nursing Bra by A Pea In The Pod