Toddler Snacks - What Mila Is Enjoying Right Now

Currently, Mila and I are in a bit of a food block. Baby food creations came so easy! Though now Mila is more interested in actual solid foods, little bites. She wants everything Dan and I eat come meal time. I am cutting everything into the tinniest of sizes because she only has four teeth. I am trying to get creative with her snacks and truthfully I need your help! What do you toddlers enjoy snacking on? Do you have any creative snack ideas that you are willing to share? I'd love to hear all the advice. Please share in the comments below :)

Ever since Mila started pureed solids she has been partial to fruit. She loves fruit and now bite seized piece of fruit are her favorite. Diced mango and berries seem to be devoured more quickly than others. We just tried blackberries on a whim and Mila enjoyed them. They make such a fun mess and stain everything so beware. Next time Mila goes to town on blackberries I need to remember to snap a pic of her messy face. It is too cute!

Ok, I may be late in the game with this idea. Rolled up sandwiches?! I never did this for Ryan, but it is all over Pinterest and is so brilliant. I tried making them for Mila and she enjoys it. I know you can make these with tortillas, but I just use a rolling pin to flatten a piece of wheat bread. Then spread on thin layers of filling. Right now peanut butter and jelly is a given. Turkey and hummus may sound weird but it is delicious and God bless Mila and her love of hummus! As Mila only has four teeth, I slice the rolls pretty small then cut those in half. But if your little one can handle the rolls, it truly is the easiest snack/lunch idea.

As I just mentioned Mila loves hummus and dipping things. Just like Ryan love to dip his fries into ketchup. I remember he would dunk his fry along with his fingers then process to suck the ketchup off. It was so gross haha! Mila is getting the hang of dipping and does the same dang thing. I slice up cheese sticks into bite sized pieces and let her have fun dipping them into hummus. It is a giant mess, but hysterical. I have found that letting my little ones have control over feeding themselves they actually eat quite a bit more than if I fed them. I don't know if that works for everyone, but keeping meal time fun and kinda giving my kids reign over the food seems to lighten up the situation. Plus, I can eat a little something too while they are busy feeding themselves! Hallelujah!

Mila still enjoys baby food here and there. I always try and blend up veggies so I know her body is getting those nutrients. Though we have been enjoying more smoothies than baby food. I always add spinach or kale into the blender. Check out my toddler friendly smoothies here. I like to mix blended up veggies with her daily yogurt sometimes which I did in the photo below. I sometimes add a little chia or flax seed since that is the going trend these days. They are healthy boosts that I don't give Mila everyday, but I definitely blend them in smoothies or sprinkle on top of her yogurt from time to time.

I think one important thing is to test out a variety of tastes and textures at every snack/meal time. I do this with raisins, savory dipping options like hummus, adding crunchy nuts/seeds to soft foods and experimenting with various fruits and veggies. If Mila seems to not be into something, I take note but continue to offer it to her on a different day. Little ones taste buds change daily, so keep offering them things and they may enjoy it soon. Of course with Mila avocados seem to be the enemy and no matter how many times I offer it to her she spits it right out. haha! Just keep trying.

We love crackers and soft granola bars too. Though truly we are in need of some fresh snack ideas! I'll be sharing more as we begin our toddler food journey. Together we will feed our babes the best of best!