An After School Snack Board That Conquers Any Craving


Last week we had partnered with Perfect Kids Bar for a giveaway and I found it the perfect opportunity to talk after school snacks! (Heads Up! This blog post is NOT sponsored by them, we just love their product and consume them often. Plus I wanted to share how we’ve been doing after school snacks lately.) You have all seen snack boards rule over social media. I think what started out to be just cheese boards became a blank canvas for people to get really creative! I LOVE seeing them and eating from them myself. Though to make one as intricate as some I’ve seen seems impossible. Since Mila is always starving when I pick her up from school, I’ve recently given creating my own snack board a go and I think it turned our pretty good!

It definitely is harder than it looks but I will say, it gets devoured and anything left over we save and Dan eats it when he gets home. It is a nice bridge to get us from the afternoon to dinner time too. I make mine pretty small and what is out is out. I don’t refill any favorites that have been eaten quickly ;) (Like the fruit snacks) I like to do a good balance of sweet and salty + soft and crunchy. I always include a cracker or pretzel with some sort of nut. This time I had sunflower seeds on hand which are fun to eat. I add cheese, a few fruit snacks, and a Perfect Kids Bar cut up into bite sized pieces. Or you can cut up any kind of bar your family likes. One thing I love to do is make the fruit a little more fun. I keep lollipop sticks on hand in my kitchen and we make tiny fruit kabobs with mango and banana. Or you can make them with berries too! It makes the fruit eating more fun.

With all the choices I have to say Mila eats a good balance of both and then when she is done that is it till dinner. I think snack boards may seem a bit daunting. The truth is though, I keep the board on our counter and as soon as we get home I lay it all out and it takes about five minutes. Mostly it is about unwrapping things and arranging them in a fun new way that gets your little ones excited! It helps too if you also eat from it. Add some of your own favorites and maybe your child will be adventurous and try new things!

These are great for homework snack as well! Let me know if you give after school snack boards a try!


Cut up your child’s favorite snack bar into bite sized pieces! We love Perfect Kids Bars!


We always have Cuties in the house and they make an easy addition. Just peel and place them! Try letting your little one in on the action and help arranging the snacks!


I’m always on the hunt for ways to make healthy eating more fun! Fruit Kabobs are something that we make almost daily! They are a great way to make eating fruit more fun. We eat these at home or take them on the go too.

Here we made mango + banana ones! Just slice up both fruits and stick them onto the skewer. I use small lollipop sticks for these that I get at Michaels craft store or Amazon!


Don’t forget to add a little sweet treat, here I placed some fruit snacks on the board.


Photos by Lily Ro Photography

Check out Perfect Kids Bars HERE

Here is a link to the lollipop sticks I use for our fruit kabobs!